URGENT ACTION: Tell the NCAA to uphold values of inclusion & divest from unsafe, discriminatory campuses, event venues & locales

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Please write the NCAA President Mark Emmert and ask that the NCAA uphold values of inclusion & divest from unsafe, discriminatory campuses, event venues & locales.

The NCAA finds itself once again in a precarious spot.  North Carolina and Texas are among several states taking further action to discriminate against LGBTQ people in their laws.  We are heartened that NCAA has strongly opposed HB2, the North Carolina anti-LGBTQ law, and has withdrawn all NCAA tournaments from the State of North Carolina. 

In fact, North Carolina has proven just how much power the NCAA and other sports associations yield in these state legal battles involving discrimination toward LGBTQ people.

Since spring 2016, the NCAA has implemented a new process for tournament and event selection, a process that is currently under further review to increase LGBTQ protections.  On April 18th, NCAA will decide where future championships take place until Spring of 2022.

We need the NCAA now more than ever to join with LGBTQ leaders to stand strong against legal rollbacks in our rights and the use of religion to discriminate against LGBTQ youth.

In response to a letter from national LGBTQ organizations, NCAA President Emmert wrote, “The Board and I remain committed to maintaining a college sports experience that is inclusive and fair for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. As the next round of site selections is underway, this commitment has not changed. The bidding process for hosting NCAA events now explicitly asks potential sites how they will provide an environment that is safe, respectful and free of discrimination at the events. We expect that all people will be welcomed and treated with respect at our NCAA championships and events.”

The NCAA and its own stated values of diversity and inclusion would mandate venues and locations be LGBTQ inclusive and safe spaces, but we need more than safe championship venues because discrimination starts at the individual schools. 

At least 30 NCAA member campuses have sought or received Title IX religious exemptions allowing them to openly discriminate against transgender people, women, and LGBTQ youth. Many more have policies and practices that run counter to gender justice and inclusion and pose a threat to safety for out LGBTQ student athletes, coaches, staff, and fans.

Discrimination is wrong.  The NCAA must uphold its values of inclusion and divest from unsafe, discriminatory campuses as well as event venues and locales. 

Campus Pride and Soulforce need you to write the NCAA President Mark Emmert at this critical moment and let him know that the NCAA must live up to its ideals and be a bold, inclusive leader on and off the court. This not only includes where the game is played but also in creating safer, inclusive campuses for all student athletes and fans.

To be clear about what our community needs, Campus Pride and Soulforce developed this “NCAA Checklist for LGBTQI Sports Inclusion”:

1. Do not allow any NCAA events to be held at schools that discriminate against LGBTQ people or have Title IX religious exemptions.

2. Do not allow schools that discriminate against women or LGBTQ people or have Title IX religious exemptions to participate in NCAA sports.

3. ​Do advocate for LGBTQ inclusion in all aspects of NCAA participation and affirm the contributions of LGBTQ student athletes.

4. Do require NCAA campuses to have affirming policies and procedures enabling transgender and intersex student athletes to participate consistent with their gender identity​.

5. Do ask for NCAA campuses to have policies and procedures in place to address anti-LGBTQ behavior from athletes, coaches, athletic staff and fans.

6. Do ask that NCAA campuses create inclusive bathroom facilities and private changing space and showers in locker rooms to address safety for LGBTQ people.

7. Do provide or promote ongoing trainings for coaches, staff and student athletes to better practice inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

8. Do require schools to be open and accountable regarding their policies and practices regarding Title IX and creating a culture of fairness and inclusion for LGBTQ people.

9. Do fund ongoing opportunities, research and meetings for the NCAA to hear from women and LGBTQ students from Christian schools and other NCAA schools that are most affected by religious discrimination.

10. Use the platform and political power of the NCAA to be an outspoken ally and prevent proposed laws that would roll back LGBTQ rights, deny public accommodations for trans people, or legalize religious discrimination.


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URGENT ACTION: ​ ​​Tell the NCAA to uphold values of inclusion & divest from unsafe, discriminatory campuses, event venues & locales

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